Net Neutrality And Why It’s Important for Startups

Earlier this year we raised the concern about Net Neutrality and the importance of it for startups. We believe how all internet traffic should be treated equally, no matter what. This is an egalitarian principle, that is a important as the constitutional law. Now that there is a real storm in the US and Net Neutrality Protests Move Online, we thought it would be time to warm up the blog post again.

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Thoughts for the day after Slush17

This year we decided to try out a no frills attitude towards Slush. Maybe one reason was that we were busy renovating our new office, or war room as we call it, and moving in. All we did was that we booked few meetings, opened up a couple of positions to Frank HR App and walked around meeting different people. And it worked perfectly. I have always believed into the power of random acts. Continue reading “Thoughts for the day after Slush17”

Moving to a New Office and Slush

Good morning everyone!

Slush starts today, come and meet some of the Sniffie team at the convention floor today or tomorrow! At least Tomi, Fredrik and Tuomas are there today and tomorrow. Just tweet us to meet us! Alternatively, just call Tomi at +358 50 365 7169.

Tomi (in the picture) is hanging around at Slush all day. Fredrik and Tuomas are also attending Slush today.
Tomi (in the picture) is hanging around at Slush all day today and tomorrow.

Sniffie team also finished moving to a new office from our previous one yesterday. We’ve been looking for a bigger “war room” space for a while now as our location in Katajanokka, Helsinki, was getting a bit crowded. And to be honest, the office was not very reachable by car or public transport either. Unless you lived in the southern-most tip of Helsinki (i.e. a walking distance from Katajanokka), of course.

Anyways, the new Sniffie office is located in the Valimo business park in Helsinki, a 3-minute walk from the Valimo train station. Valimo is just a 10 minute train ride from the Helsinki Central Railway Station with trains leaving towards Valimo every 8-10 minutes. It’s also very conveniently located if you are coming to visit us by car (and there’s also free parking!).

We’ll give you a proper tour of the new Sniffie “war room” at a later date.

New Sniffie "war room" during the moving process
New Sniffie “war room” during the moving process. There’s plenty more of space than our previous office had.

We’re about to release Sniffie v0.7 as well, which is also very exciting for us. It’s the biggest update to the Sniffie extension since the release of v0.3 almost a year ago. It’s also the biggest update to the Sniffie service since v0.5, the ecommerce update.

Best regards,