Sniffie Extension v1.0 Release Candidate Changes

The schedule and plan for Sniffie to exit from beta with version 1.0 was released at the housewarming party we had at the beginning of March. The schedule plan will be written down in another post at a later date.

As was mentioned and demonstrated to our guests, the service rewrite is going well. We also mentioned that not so many changes will happen to Sniffie extension before the launch of version 1.0. I did, however, promise an update on the first true release candidate by early April.

So what will change in the upcoming Sniffie extension? Read more to find out!

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Technical Incident Report 13 March 2018 (RESOLVED)

Good morning,

An unfortunate technical incident occurred at one of our servers during last night, affecting the scheduling of some sniffs. The incident was noticed this morning by Sniffie engineering team during routine technical observation. The cause was identified and fixed immediately.

No customer reports of the incident were received. Only certain older sniffs were affected. Sniffie web service, Sniffie API and most sniffs (new & old) were not affected by the incident.

Sniffie engineering apologizes for the inconvenience for the affected users.

Sniffie engineering