Hotfix in Web Service

Hi everyone,

Sniffie engineering just moved a performance hot fix to production in our product catalogue. The performance boost affects mostly accounts with >100k products.

A big thanks for the quick bug reports related to product catalogue performance drops from our users!

Best regards,

0.6.2 Update Moves to Production on Sunday

Good morning, everyone!

There’s going to be a relatively significant update to Sniffie’s web service and backend this Sunday (1 October, 2017) starting around 1pm UTC+3. We’ll move private product tags to production, have significantly improved basket comparison as well as price matrix with more information, and more. Sniffie web service may be unavailable or sniffs may experience minor delays during the update.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Full patch notes are available at the end of this posting for people interested.

Next week we’ll talk about the next version of our extension as we start contacting our customer advisor team for more feedback on its UX.

Have a nice day!

– Niko

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