Creating a compelling user experience

When faced with a terrible hangover, you first fear that you are going to die, then you fear you are not going to die. That’s the feeling we had when we started developing our new user experience. Yes, our MVP product really did show us that the need was there. It also showed us all the mistakes we managed to create, when developing a product with insufficient customer feedback. So now that we won our fear of dying, we pray every day that our UX will be as good as we believe.

So how are we going to change our user experience?

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Regards from Sniffie Engineering, Week 11/2017

Hello everyone!

This week we are finishing up testing of 0.4 for release by next week. Additional features from last week’s update post include the ability to include and exclude results based on text patterns as well as ability to include also hidden elements in the web extraction.

Our web service redesign project is well underway. We really, really appreciate the feedback from all of our customers interviewed so far. We are currently working on prototypes that we’ll share next week with these customers for additional feedback. All feedback regarding web service features and especially user experience is still highly appreciated. Thus, if you have any, please contact your Sniffie contact person. We are building the service for you, so we really want to hear your feedback!

In short, the biggest changes before our public beta begins will focus on ease-of-use. Sniffie’s public beta will start as soon as these changes finished. Read more if you’re interested to hear what’s to come!

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Is dynamic pricing the only way forward? is the latest add on the already competitive landscape of Finnish electronics stores. is bold, digitalized and they mean business. At least in Finland the company has taken huge leaps in the market. Most likely they have generated a healthy market share.

The company is utilizing online market intelligence to position themselves as the cost leader in the industry. Telling us in their adverts that they use price crawling robots to monitor and change prices. And for us Finns, that is totally unheard, unfair, but have to admit a clever technique in the scale they are doing it. I bet you, the markets have changed, and it will never be the same. You need a dynamic pricing to beat them. Why is that?

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