What’s New in Sniffie v0.5 (and Open Beta News!)

It’s been very quiet in our blog since late February for a good reason. As you may be aware, we have been extremely busy completing our UX redesign project for the last few months. Thankfully, the project is coming to an end this month and our existing used will be rolled to the new Sniffie experience (v0.5) starting on 1st of June.

I’m also very pleased to announce that we are also on the verge of open beta (finally!). Sniffie’s open beta will begin once the queue of our private beta requests has been cleared. This may take a while, since for the last few months private beta acceptances have been mostly put on hold to wait for this next major update of the Sniffie platform.

So anyways, what’s new in the upcoming Sniffie version 0.5?

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Pricing principles you must know to master pricing

Few month ago I met an old friend who started a life as an entrepreneur. To give her tips I took her for a lunch. To cut the story short, she was appauled by my tips. Although, we still remain friends, I did gave her hell of a tips on pricing principles. Let me give those same, highly valued pricing principles again.

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From denial to deep understanding

You got a great idea, a team second to none and some money on the bank account. Your vision is clear and you know what your customers are missing out. At this stage, I can promise you, that your worst enemy is not your competitor, it’s you. Let me give you an example from our daily life as a startup.

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